You can contact me by email at:

I’ve been asked why the only contact information I give is my email address.  The reason for that is simple, I’d rather start any conversation by email and get some initial questions answered.

Once that’s done, we’ll exchange numbers and speak by voice.


6 comments on “Contact

  1. We are looking for help with our website marketing at We are in a very competitive market and needs to step out of the box to gain more conversions. After 21 years in business we find our industry going thorough some huge changes and we need help with social marketing. Do you or can you recommend someone who may be able to take a look at our site and help us get this done. Please reply back to me at (email removed to stop spambots)

    • I just emailed you at the address above (the first time you had a davidf listed before the @).

      First step is to get together for a strategy session. If you have time between 10am and 2pm pacific time tomorrow we could even do it then.

  2. I have a app idea… It could be called shop with friends or something of that nature.. but like instagram u upload photos of things you bought & got a good deal on… You put the pic the price & the place u got it… I am sending this but if you move forward i will need credit.. I also mailed a copy of this to meself for records..

    • I am going to say something that sounds mean but is important for you to hear and know.

      1) app ideas alone are worthless. Quite a large number of people have them. It is those that actually EXECUTE the app idea and do something with it that get any credit.

      2) app ideas are not patentable, copyrightable, and are not considered actual intellectual property. You just posted your idea to a public, heavily traffic’d blog! Anyone could do this, it’s easy, and PROBABLY you will not get any credit or anything out of it. I have more than 200 app ideas written down any of several of which are very similar to this one. If I create an app with functionality like this … I won’t give you credit and the emailed records you are keeping are literally meaningless to me, the courts, or anyone else. Now I’m not saying that I will create an app like this, I probably won’t … But again, you posted this idea to a blog, any of THOUSANDS of people might do it that I have no control over.

      3) why in the world aren’t you creating this app yourself? If you have an idea and you want credit for it then create it yourself, market the app, and go from there.

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