Changes to iTunes App Rankings Mean HUGE Opportunities: Secrets To Increasing Your Rankings

Do you know the little secrets to improving your iTunes App Store rankings?

The iTunes App Store is changing the way apps are ranked.  Once-upon-a-time apps were ranked purely by download numbers.  This meant that the only way to gain rankings was to simply obtain downloads.

The thing is that ended up a double-edged sword.  Apps with good rankings would get more downloads which meant they were more likely to keep those rankings and therefore making it more difficult for other apps to get top rankings.

Now however things are different.  Other factors play into the ranking equation such as how long the app is opened as the active app and how often the app is opened.

This provides a HUGE opportunity to climb upward in the rankings and become one of the top downloaded apps, gaining the additional views and money for yourself.  Here’s how you do it: Continue reading