The New Book

AppMonarchCover2I pumped a ton of knowledge into my new book, App Monarch: Secrets to building your own multi-million dollar app kingdom.

If you want to get started with apps, there is no question that once you get beyond my blog, the new book is the place to go.

And hey, I’m pricing the thing at just 99 cents.

Now here’s the important part.

I have completely changed the way I do things.  In the book I talk about “The App Developer’s Toolkit” and about several other reports that I will give when you sign up.

To get those other reports you will have to sign up for the toolkit again!

The reason is that I used to maintain the mailing list on the server itself and now I’ve switched to using a service for this.  So you will need to sign up again if you want those other reports.

ALSO … if you get the book AND show me that you left a review and a comment about the book, I will give you something extra special.  Just email me and let me or leave a comment here on the blog and let me know you did it.

Anyway, head on over to amazon right now and grab the book.  It’s just 99 cents and I promise it’ll be worth every cent and then quite a bit more.


A New Way Of Thinking About Your Apps

HOW you think about your apps actually matters

I think of apps in a rather different way than most people.

The interesting thing that I’ve found is that without exception, all of the most successful appreneurs think about apps the same way I do.

In this post, I’m hoping to change your perspective of what an app really is, and change how you perceive them so that you can make apps much more likely to make money.

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Why 99.8% of App Developers Fail

99.8% of Appreneurs Fail??? Are you Serious?

Okay, I crunched some numbers and came up with something that can only be called disturbing.  99.8% of all small appreneurs will ultimately fail.  Their apps won’t get downloaded and they won’t make any money.  And I’ve found there’s a reason why this happens.

It isn’t hard to understand at all, and once I lay out the reasons for you, it’ll make total sense.

Of course the problem is that the pitfalls I’m going to share you will probably find are also things that you’ve been doing.

In this post I explain why 99.8% of appreneurs fail, what they’re doing wrong, and then show you what the .2% of highly successful appreneurs are doing so that you can walk in their footsteps.

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How A 13 Year Old Girl Becomes An App Success

If A 13 Year Old Girl Can Do It, So Can You!

Making money with apps is about two things, getting downloads and monetization.

“What things do you do now can be made more fun, easier to do, or more social with an app?”

That was the question I asked my thirteen year old daughter when she asked how I came up with app ideas.  She shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know, it’s summer.  I’m mostly just … <what she does taken out to prevent people from stealing the idea>.”

“Okay,” I continued, “Do you know everywhere you can do that?  When you’re doing it do your friends know so they can come do it with you? Is it possible for you to be doing it while someone else is somewhere else in the world and you guys share together through video or pictures?”

We sat down and began the creation of HER app right there.

An hour later and she was beaming … “Can we make this?”

“We can, I guess.  But let me ask you this question, how is anyone going to know the app is there?”

She gave me a confused look, “Because it’ll be in the app store?”

“How will anyone know to look in the app store for it?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know.  Tell people it’s there.”

“If you told every single solitary person you knew that wouldn’t be very many downloads would it?”

She thought about it and shook her head.

“Who do you know that already knows a lot of people that like to do this?”

Her eyes lit up, “We could ask Erin if he’ll tell people at … <business name removed>!”

I nodded, “Before we create the app, lets talk to Erin AND see if he knows anyone else that could talk about your app also.”

“Can we go now?”

“Why would Erin want to take the time to tell his customers about your app?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“What if you told him that he could have a percentage of all the money made from telling people about your app.  Do you think that would give him a reason to tell people about it?”

She nodded, and I showed her about and how to sign up for their program and ask to be a part of the iTunes affiliate system.  This is what allows people to promote other apps and the like and gain a percentage of all people that buy throught them.

With that done, off we went to talk to Erin.

Understand something right now.  Erin is someone that my daughter and I have known for a grand total of three weeks.  He isn’t a friend and we barely know him other than through what we do with his business.  So before anyone starts thinking that my daughter had some kind of unfair advantage because she was able to use my friends … this isn’t the case at all.  She simply started talking to EVERYONE SHE COULD about her app.  I’m not kidding … everyone.  People at the grocery store, the mall, Erin of course and the people he knew, and so on.

He loved the idea and even introduced my daughter to other people that run the same type of business he does.

The customer base of these folks numbers somewhere around 100,000 people and they are all going to be telling their customers about my daughter’s app when it goes live.  All will be using their linkshare affiliate link so that they get paid as well.  Everyone is happy.

The app will sell for 99 cents and she’ll easily get over 20,000 downloads.

PLUS, she already has baked in 3 other methods of monetization that should quite easily triple the amount she’ll make from downloads.  In other words, this app should do something to the tune of 80 grand.

And no joke … I’m being conservative.

Of course I will be helping her along.  I’ll be helping her find the right programmers, helping her to fully maximize the amount of money the app makes, helping to still further market the app for even more downloads.  Hey, she is my daughter. 🙂

The story I just told you should literally be used to help make your own apps be more successful.

So let me ask you:

  • What do you do now that can be made more fun, easier to do, or more social with an app?
  • Who do you know that has access to people that also do what you do?


The Future Of Apps

No Question, 3D Is The Future Of Mobile Apps

3D games have been around for a while, even on relatively small screen sizes like the iPhone.  However, screen sizes are getting better, screen resolutions are getting A LOT better, and processing power is dramatically improving.

This is leading to the creation of more 3D games, and in fact the belief that ALL games should be 3D.  This is the same evolution that we saw with PC and “consoles” (Xbox and Playstation as an example).  There aren’t very many 2D games out for PCs or the consoles anymore and very soon we’ll see this same thing happening for mobile devices as well.

You need to be thinking about how you can make your game APPEAR 3D even if it actually isn’t.  Think guitar hero as an example of this.  That’s actually a 2D game.  Another one is a guitar hero like game called Kolos Journey.  It has a 3D character but it’s really a 2D game.

Like I’ve said before, when it comes to apps, your graphics matter A LOT.  The graphic of the game icon (make this 3D appearing), your screen shots, and the graphics of the app itself all matter to getting a lot of downloads

Even doing little things like having 3D characters in your basically 2D game can help enormously.

This is so important, that games that are strictly 2d will start to go away, even the hugely popular games like Doodle Jump will be replaced by games like Jump Pack (watch that video and tell me that doesn’t look WAY cooler than Doodle Jump) that have the same basic idea … only it looks 3d instead of 2.

This Goes For All Apps, Not Just Games

And to be clear, all mobile apps will get downloaded more and be found more enjoyable if they have 3D elements.  Apps should no longer be purely 2D with preciously few exceptions.

In fact, this is an area where you can do some really interesting things.

For creating game app ideas, why not look to apps that already exist and simply make cooler looking 3D versions of them (as Jump Pack did with it’s Doodle Jump style game).

When you do that AND you start throwing in the ideas from the App Developers Toolbox, you can take literally any game on the market right now, make it much better, and absolutely make a killing.

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