App Marketing

App Marketing: Secrets to 100,000 downloads in one month or lessThanks to another stint in the hospital (oh the joys of THAT) I’ve completed another book.  This one on app marketing and like the last one, also just 99 cents.

It contains more than a few marketing tricks that I’ve never shared anywhere else or with anyone else.

Just my “ezine” approach alone is often responsible for more than 100,000 and it’s not even the most powerful tactic in the book.

I highly recommend checking it out.  Visit amazon right now and pick up App Marketing: Secrets to 100,000 downloads in one month or less.


You aren’t being told the truth

I have to tell you that it’s frustrating. How often I see people being fed a line of bull about how much can be made with apps, or how fast things can happen online using “online only” techniques.

Let me give you an example. The game angry birds. Do you know that Roxio makes MOST of it’s revenue from angry birds from licensing the angry birds logo to t-shirt companies, pillow companies, and so on? In other words, while it is true that angry birds, the single most popular game in existence, is successful in it’s own right, MOST of what it makes does NOT come from the app!

This same thing can also be said of the now wildly successful “Temple Run” game as well.

Here’s the thing, apps are a great way to make a little extra. The issue is that you can make SO MUCH MORE … and do it so much faster, when you combine apps with other strategies and tactics.

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The Profit Model: why my apps make 100k per month EACH

With all the rukus going on right now with the “NDA seminar” being put on by Chad  Mureta and Trey Smith, I thought it important to give you a REAL business model to follow.  Trey makes 30k per month across all of his apps, I make 100k per month from EACH of them.  This is why I wanted to get this out to you ahead of their webinar.  Check it out …

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The Mistakes Are Insane …

Are you making these insane mistakes?

So I get a call from this appreneur today and he starts telling me about his app.

I stop him probably not even ten seconds in and ask him who the app is for.  His answer, “well, anyone with a smart phone.”

“No,” I replied.  “Who’s going to be interested in this app, who’s the market?”

Again he answers, “Everyone with a smart phone.”

So I sigh and say, “Look, I don’t mean to sound like a jerk here, but the market is NOT everyone with a smart phone.  It isn’t.  The kinds of things interesting to an 60 year old female quilting enthusiast living in West Virginia are going to be dramatically different from a 22 year old male extreme sports junkie in California.  There will literally not be a single app on their phones in common other than the ones preinstalled on the device.  Now really, think.  Who is going to be most interested in your app?”

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Want To Market Your Apps On My App Network?

This is actually something I have been thinking of for some time, but it never really made sense for me to do it until recently, mostly because it was too “one sided” (meaning you got all the benefit and I got none).  For me, apps are my business, it’s what I do for a living.  Therefore, if I’m going to do something then it has to be a benefit to everyone.  Not only that, but lets face it, it’s only fair that way right.  Well, this problem is solved!  If you would like to market your apps on my app network, now you can.  Read on for details …

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