App Developers Toolbox

This Is Probably The Most Comprehensive Course You Will Find Online … At Any Price

The App Developers Toolbox is my own proprietary techniques that allow me to get more downloads of my apps, with less effort … while making FAR more money.  The best part is that the course is TOTALLY FREE.  No cost, no shenanigans, no B.S. (I make money developing apps, I don’t need to sell you junk).

Click Here Now to sign up to receive the totally free App Developers Toolbox.

The toolbox also includes tips and strategies for making much more money with your apps.

  1. Learn development all the way from your first simple “hello world” application to using Cocoa 2d (the system behind such hits as Angry Birds and Doddle Jump).  You’ll also be getting my own tips and tricks to developing games that are used often and for long periods of time … and are heavily shared (more downloads and more money)
  2. I’ll then explain my own “cheats and shortcuts” to getting graphics and even entire apps created myself without having to outsource anything (and I’m not a programmer) using things like Xcode.
  3. I’ll then give you the tips and tricks I use to get people to download my apps in huge numbers.  Let me tell you this right now, there are a lot of really great apps that will never get more than 50 downloads.  The reason is simple … there are so many apps available right now that must learn how to make people aware of your app in a way that they want to download it.  I’ll teach you tricks that are so under the radar that perhaps only 2 dozen developers are doing some of these things.
  4. Lastly, once you’ve created your first app and you’re making money, I’ll explain my own outsourcing secrets so that you can have the kind of time and lifestyle that will make the rest of your friends and family jealous.  I’ll show you how to find programmers, graphic artists, project managers, and assistants that will handle the day-to-day grind of getting your apps created while you rake in TONS of money.  This item is THE secret to scaling your app business to be as large and successful as you want.
Understand that this course is totally and completely free and includes more information and knowledge than is available in several multi-thousand dollar courses that are out there.

Click Here Now To Sign Up For The App Developers Toolbox (the course is absolutely free, no cost, no shenanigans)


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