How to increase app revenue

Okay, in a video just a couple of days ago I gave a full blown model for how you can make MUCH more with apps.

However, that video was about the model and was “thin” (as in I didn’t cover it at all) on exactly how you actually increase app revenue.

In this post I’m going to give you the nitty gritty details on exactly how to increase app revenue in a video series that shows how this is done in greater detail.

If you would like to get that video (actually it will be several videos, there’s quite a bit to cover) …

there is going to be a catch (but don’t worry, I’m not selling them or anything like that)

I will help you out by giving you the information if you’ll help me out by going to my facebook page (click here) and clicking the “like” button.  My team will be monitoring the likes and everyone that likes the page will be messaged with links to the video series.

No cost, no obligation, you don’t have to sign up to an email list or anything, you just have to go to my facebook page, click the like button, and wait a bit for my team to send you the link to my How to increase app revenue video series facebook messaging.

I’d appreciate it you liking the page … and I’m giving you a really cool bribe to do it 🙂


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