The Profit Model: why my apps make 100k per month EACH

With all the rukus going on right now with the “NDA seminar” being put on by Chad  Mureta and Trey Smith, I thought it important to give you a REAL business model to follow.  Trey makes 30k per month across all of his apps, I make 100k per month from EACH of them.  This is why I wanted to get this out to you ahead of their webinar.  Check it out …

The Profit Model Video: how your apps can make 100k per month each

(the program talked about at the last two minutes of the video is filled up and closed)


8 comments on “The Profit Model: why my apps make 100k per month EACH

  1. Just saw your video and 100k does sound interesting. I’m very interested if you are still looking for people. I am currently doing apps following the Chad/Trey, but I stay open to cool opportunities.

  2. I’m definitely interested. This model is along the lines where my partner and I were going. If we could model after you to cut a lot of the fat out of the learning curve, and, at the same time, offer value to you, we’re game. Hit us up, please.

  3. Hey Matt,

    This seems very cool…definitely interested. Look like you’ve meshed apps and app marketing with the “old school” internet marketing strategies with opt-ins, auto responders, content, etc. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  4. Matt, it’s exactly true! I knew it would work and I did exactly that I use my app to promote my email list and I get a heck of a lot more subscribers. You know it is funny I went through Chad Mureta’s course (drop out) and he never mentioned it – just use ads and sell apps. I knew all along 😉 In fact it worked so well I just built a second app with email subscription – I can’t tell how it is going because I submitted it today and it is waiting for review! Good stuff Matt, I’d be interested in working with you still have spaces available. Please let me know the details and cost.

  5. Wow….and I was excited about $21.39 eCPM my Apps are doing using RevMob and Trey’s Mobile Game Course. Looks like I need to Turbo Charge my fledgling app. business, if you’ve got some space I’m in 🙂

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