The Mistakes Are Insane …

Are you making these insane mistakes?

So I get a call from this appreneur today and he starts telling me about his app.

I stop him probably not even ten seconds in and ask him who the app is for.  His answer, “well, anyone with a smart phone.”

“No,” I replied.  “Who’s going to be interested in this app, who’s the market?”

Again he answers, “Everyone with a smart phone.”

So I sigh and say, “Look, I don’t mean to sound like a jerk here, but the market is NOT everyone with a smart phone.  It isn’t.  The kinds of things interesting to an 60 year old female quilting enthusiast living in West Virginia are going to be dramatically different from a 22 year old male extreme sports junkie in California.  There will literally not be a single app on their phones in common other than the ones preinstalled on the device.  Now really, think.  Who is going to be most interested in your app?”

“That’s what I’m trying to say,” he answers excitedly.  “EVERYONE!  If you would just listen–”

“No,” I interrupt him.  “No, I don’t even have time to go into why you’re wrong.  Let me put it to you this way.  Unless you have a budget of 100 million dollars for marketing you aren’t going to reach everyone with a smart phone anyway.  So instead of you arguing why everyone should have your app or will want it or whatever, how about we try it this way.  Give me the SMALLEST DEMOGRAPHIC YOU CAN COE UP WITH that would be the MOST interested in your app.”

“But I’m not sure I can do that right now on the spot.  I haven’t even thought of things in that way.”

“Okay,” I say starting to see how this conversation is going to go already, “You need to.  The more narrow you can define your market the more likely you can actually reach those people.  Now, next question, how is your app going to make money?”

“When people buy it,” he answers in a tone of voice that made it sound like I had asked a stupid question.

“Are you aware that direct app revenue is only about 20% of the money available to you?  Have you bothered to notice that 8 of the top 10 producing apps are actually free?”

“Yeah but–”

“But nothing,” I said interrupting him again.  “Look I know I’m coming off like a total jerk here.  You called me up because you’re hoping to do some kind of partnership with me.  You have this app, and you’re excited about it, and before you can tell me about the app, I’m asking about marketing and monetization.  Do you know why that is?”

“No,” he answers sounding both annoyed and a bit dejected.

“Because there are something like 5,200 brand new apps that go into the app store every single day.  Of those maybe a dozen will actually make money.  Do you know what separates those that make money from those that don’t?”

“Downloads,” he answers, “Which is why I was hoping–”

“STOP,” I said cutting him off and interrupting him for the third time.  “The number of downloads is the RESULT of marketing.  Without marketing there are no downloads.  Not only that, but if you sell your app for 99 cents, you’re actually only going to get about 60 cents of that.  If the only way you make money is per download you’re going to need A LOT of downloads to make any money.  Now I know you’ve said that everyone with a smart phone is going to want your app, but not everyone is going to want to PAY for it.  I promise you that preciously few people will pay for it.  If you want to make money with apps, then you NEED to think things through.  In fact, let me make a prediction.  I don’t know you, I know next to nothing about your app.  Yet I’ll bet almost anything that you got your app idea, wrote it down, looked for an app developer and found one who told you they would need three weeks to one month to create your app.  It actually took them twelve to sixteen weeks instead, possibly even longer and probably cost more than he said it would.  Am I correct?”

There was a surprisingly long stretch of silence before he answers, “It took him 18 weeks and cost almost twice as much as he originally told me.  How did you know?”

“Because your entire development process was DOOMED from the beginning.  I’ve heard this story so many times from so many people in your shoes I can’t even count them all anymore.

Let me explain what I mean here.  First, just because YOU think you’re app is great doesn’t mean anyone else will.  So, after you get an app idea, why not go out to the market, not your family, and find out what they think first?  Why spend money having an app created no one wants?

Next, app purchase revenue is a SMALL fraction of the money you can make with apps, so before you start creating the app, why not sit down and figure out ALL of the additional ways you can monetize your app to make the most possible?

Once you’ve done that, and still BEFORE you’re even looking for a coder, why not go out and try and line up marketing partners.

This way, before the first line of code is even written, you know the market wants your app, you know how you’re going to make money, and you know the people interested in the app will get to learn of its existence.

Now when you spend money on getting the app created, you know it’ll be successful.  Doesn’t that sound like a MUCH better way of going about things?”

Again there is a long pause on the end of the line, “But what do I do about my current app?”

“Look, I am working with three people who each paid me 5 grand up front, plus are going to pay me HALF of the revenue their app will make to work with them individually.  How would you like to get ALL of the training those people are getting?  Probably you can learn enough about marketing and monetization to help your current app.  Plus you can learn how to do things much better so that your next app has a much better chance at success.”

“Well, what kind of things are in this training,” he asks.

“Quite literally everything I know about the right kinds of markets to pursue for creating apps, exactly how to do some extremely simple market research so that you’ll KNOW if you should create the app or not.  I also give you ALL of the little ways that I monetize apps … complete with two ways of doing it that NO ONE ELSE is right now AND THOSE TWO WAYS MAKE THE MOST MONEY.  Then I teach you the super simple method I use that lets me reach typically over one million people and tell them that my app is live on the app store … for free.

This is without question the most complete and comprehensive app training in existence.  THE BEST PART is that all of the training is done in the context of building real, live apps.

This training isn’t just theory, but actual rubber meets the road how-to-get-it-done with an actual app in development that will be created.”

He jumped on it of course and agreed to send me 5k right then and there.

NOW HERE’S THE THING …  I am in the process of wanting to release this training on a larger scale.

How would you like to get the training I just talked about.  Not for 5 grand PLUS half of what your app makes, but for a fraction of that?

Now the deal however is that for the reduced price you’re agreeing to give me your opinion of the training, keep me updated as to your progress, and let me use your story as part of the case studies for the marketing when I release the training in a few months.

Notice what I said … your story in a few months … this training is designed to help you make things happen VERY quickly with app development.

If you’re interested in being just ONE OF THE FIVE people I allow as my “beta testers” for this training program, simply leave a comment to this blog post right away and let me know.  The comment will come to me as an email and won’t be left here on the post.  (after the first five have come in I’ll add you to a waiting list in case I take two or three more).

You will ALSO gain massively expanded access to me personally to ask questions and get answers to make sure that you gain success as quickly as possible.

Again, simply leave a comment to this post and let me know you’re interested in the program and I’ll explain how you get in.


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