Want To Market Your Apps On My App Network?

This is actually something I have been thinking of for some time, but it never really made sense for me to do it until recently, mostly because it was too “one sided” (meaning you got all the benefit and I got none).  For me, apps are my business, it’s what I do for a living.  Therefore, if I’m going to do something then it has to be a benefit to everyone.  Not only that, but lets face it, it’s only fair that way right.  Well, this problem is solved!  If you would like to market your apps on my app network, now you can.  Read on for details …

So here what is happening:

1) I’m forming a group of people where we are all going to cross market each other’s stuff.  I’ll market your apps, you market mine … we both win.  Now of course, my MUCH larger app network will mean more benefit to you out of the gate, but if we do this right, it will all even out in the end. Long story short, you get to cross market your apps to my app network (and agree to do the same for me when I release new apps)

2) Once a quarter (and starting the first week after this group forms) I will take one of the apps that I’m developing and show the entire process of how that app was created.  I’ll explain how I got the idea, how I create the write-ups for the developers to work from, how I outsource, how I manage them … everything.  You’ll see how it is that I make the app development process happen fast and easy for me and require very little of my time.

3) Then you’ll get to watch and see exactly what I do to market that app to get downloads.  You’ll see the steps I take (including how I outsource this process so it doesn’t take me much time either) to get as many people as possible downloading my app.

4) I will take 75% of the revenue of that app and split it equally among the members of the group.  You’ll get an explanation of how the revenue was generated so that you can make sure you’re fully implementing revenue strategies yourself.  The best part is that you’ll get to profit from the apps that I personally build (obviously not every app that I build, just the one app per quarter that I do as part of this group).  Again, this first app will begin development next week so this will begin right away.

5) This same group will also act as a mastermind group to help you brainstorm app ideas, help you to set app production goals and keep them, and help you to make more money.  The idea is that we will allcooperatively market each other’s stuff.  At this point, let me say this however … there will not be any requirement to market anyone else’s app.  If your app stinks, don’t be surprised if no one wants to cross market it.  By that same token, if a member refuses too often to cross market other members stuff they are likely to find no one wants to help them out either.  The idea here is that this is cooperative, not mandatory.

But let me say this; if we as a group help each other out through the entire process, we will all create better apps, market them better, get many more downloads, and make far more.


For obvious reasons I can’t take too many people on this.  A master mind group with hundreds of people in it accomplishes nothing for anyone on top of the fact that the percentage that anyone would get from the apps I create for the group would become so small as to be a joke.  Not only that, but trying to cross market apps created by hundreds of people would be far too challenging if not downright impossible without spamming our app downloaders and no one wants to do that.

I am only going to take 10 people into this program.  That’s clearly not very many and I’m telling a fair few about this program.  Not my entire list size, but a good chunk of it is getting this same email that you are.

If you’re interested in doing this, you will need to email me back right away and let me know you want into this program.

The first 10 folks in the door win! 🙂


5 comments on “Want To Market Your Apps On My App Network?

  1. Sound like a good strategy which is also appliable for other “app collectives” if you want to call it like that. 10 persons max seems to be a good number to maintain an overview also.

  2. Hey Matt,
    I was reading your posts from past two days, which are very much informative.
    But this post is something that I was thinking in my mind before starting the app development.
    But I dint got the right ways or direction that how to do this.
    Ok let us do it once again if you Like.

    Also I dont know how are the results of this. May be you know better as you have test already. I think this will surely have worked

    So please let me know any plans of starting this program again.


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