The #1 App Monetization Method Almost Everyone Misses

Are You Missing This Simple Method For Monetization?

Almost everyone that creates apps makes money with them in the exact same ways.

  1. Charge for the app or have in-app purchases for things
  2. Advertising

The problem is that most people going the advertising route are simply using Admob (google), iAd (apple), or Adwhirl to allow for multiple ad networks.  A few will actually have some (very) small amount of affiliate advertising … but most of the time this is so small as to almost be laughable, limited to little more than throwing some affiliate links onto a more screen or something.

While those monetization methods are great and everything frankly they miss the boat.

The number one method for making money with your apps is offering some kind of consulting/coaching service.  Now obviously this won’t work for game apps, but then if you have expertise in almost anything, you can create an app around that thing, get some downloads, and make a fortune through the consulting service that you offer.

I have an app (in a market that shall remain nameless) with a grand total of 923 downloads to date and the app has been out for nearly 18 months.  However, the market the app is in is fairly (actually it’s very) small.

The app has none of the traditional monetization methods.  No nag screen, no advertising banners, no affiliate advertising, and the app is free.

What the app does do however is offer a very specific service.  The app sets me up as an expert, has a form so that people can join my mailing list straight from the app and Facebook integration means that the SSO (single sign on )gives me their email address with two finger taps (they don’t even have to actually type in their email address).

Now, I get to demonstrate expertise in the app through the content and the things offered there.  Then I get to demonstrate expertise through the videos and special reports that they get from joining my list.

The consulting service that I offer is overwhelmingly the single most expensive service of its type in the market (it costs more up front than most people make an entire year) … and I literally have a waiting list because I only take two clients a month.

My point here is that offering some kind of consulting/coaching service … and be almost brazen with how much you charge for that service, after all you’ve got nothing to lose anyway.  Now even if you only get a couple of clients a year it’s worth it!  Again, this could amount to a couple of hundred grand a year doing just this.

This week I should be coming out with some tutorial videos where I show this in action in an actual app.


2 comments on “The #1 App Monetization Method Almost Everyone Misses

  1. Cool collections of iphone applications with range of fields like game, entertainment, learning, business, finance etc. in your blog make users better usage experience. Thanks for the monetization method. Different developers use different policies.

    • You do need to be more than a little careful with bundling other people’s apps into your own app in a collection however. Apple isn’t allowing “collections” of apps in a single app unless all of the apps in the collection belong to you. And hopefully that made any sort of sense at all 😉

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