Making Money With Apps That Aren’t Games

Games aren't the only way to make money. In this post I show you how to make A KILLING with other kinds of apps.

In some ways, it’s easier to make money with game apps.  However, that ease of making it also means that you don’t make as much.

Apps that are for fitness, business use, and so on can make A LOT of money if they are done correctly.  However it is a little more “tricky”.  You see while I will include banner ads with non-game apps, they tend not to perform as well and all too often the ad networks just don’t have anything to give you.

Lets say for example that you have an app for people that want to market their business, and because you’re giving it away, you’re putting banner ads with it.  Well, that kind of app won’t get many ads so you’ll find upwards of 60% of the time your app won’t get a banner.

So how can you make money with it?

There are two ways.  First there is affiliate marketing where you sell stuff other people sell through your app and you get a commission.  You can go to places like ClickBank, PayDotCom, and Commission Junction for all kinds of things.

You could also sell your own services though providing great content with the app, and at the end of the content giving people a way to call you right then (or email or whatever).

The thing is, with apps that aren’t games, prices are dramatically  higher and people expect to pay more for things.  This means that your affiliate commissions will be vastly higher with these types of apps than they are with games.

You could also sell your own services or the services of other people.  You could quite easily get 20 clients paying you $2,000 bucks a month through leads that you get from a small business marketing app.

Making that kind of scratch from a single game would be rather difficult.  I know of people doing more than one million per month with non-game apps just through affiliate marketing sales within their apps, and their apps aren’t even popular, downloaded much, or even used all that often.

Tricks To Affiliate Marketing Sales

The first thing to know is that ClickBank is often one of the best places to look for this.  The reason is that many ClickBank sellers have very well tested sales pages that convert well.

However, some sellers haven’t quite gotten the idea that mobile buyers are “better” buyers because they’re more likely to pull the trigger and make the purchase.  So once you’ve found some ClickBank items that would be of interest to your mobile app users make sure that the page is optimized for BOTH android and iPhone.  Often I will contact the seller and ask if they have mobile optimized versions of their pages and if so if there are special URLs or if what is displayed is controlled by code on the sales page itself.

The next step is to put the product into your “more screen” area AND to create some content (preferably video) demonstrating what someone would get and making that available through the app as well.  Just make sure that BOTH then link directly to the mobile version of the sales page.

Now like I said, these products can actually have a pretty decent price to them.  Fitness apps can sell all kinds of things as an example.  You could become a “coach” for the BeachBody stuff (Insanity and P90X) and sell that.  Shakeology could be sold, along with all kinds of different products available through ClickBank.

Apps for businesses could sell a wide range of marketing products (again available on ClickBank) as well as your own marketing services if you do that, OR the marketing services of someone that does and you gain a commission from that.

In fact, selling services of someone else and you taking a commission is a HUGE secret to making a small fortune with these kinds of apps.  The only “problem” (and it isn’t much of one) is you have to contact someone that sells the service and get them to agree to give you a commission.

However that’s pretty easy to do … amazingly easy in fact.  NO ONE is going to turn you down (or at least no one of any intelligence).  The reason is simple, you’re going to hand deliver clients to them.  Of course they’re going to be willing to give you a commission on that; and like I said the amount you can make doing this is ENORMOUS.

Selling services as an “affiliate” really is the hidden little gold mine with apps that almost no one takes advantage of … but now you can.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make money with apps this way contact me for a free strategy session (Strategy Session link is near the top of the page).


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