Why Not Something Like This?

Something like this would probably do VERY well.

Okay, it was an april fools joke.  But why can’t something like this be created for mobile devices?

The online game “MMO Asteroids” released yesterday, and it was meant to appear to be a massive multiplayer asteroids style shooter.

Only it wasn’t.  Instead it was a clever april fools joke because not long after the game starts, every other “player” on the board stops and focuses only on you.

However, why not create an ACTUAL game like this?

Why not create a shoot-em-up space game where people from anywhere in the world can compete against each other?

Now throw in some good graphics …

And bingo you have a great game that can spread like wildfire.

This is what I was talking about with my previous post on “How To Have An Endless Stream Of App Ideas“.  Look around and you can find app ideas everywhere.  The only actual reason I can think of why someone can’t be a success with their own mobile app business is giving up and not continuing to create apps.

And like I said in that previous post, when you also include the things that I talk about in the App Developers Toolbox, I seriously can’t understand how anyone can’t be a huge success.

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