The Future Of Apps

No Question, 3D Is The Future Of Mobile Apps

3D games have been around for a while, even on relatively small screen sizes like the iPhone.  However, screen sizes are getting better, screen resolutions are getting A LOT better, and processing power is dramatically improving.

This is leading to the creation of more 3D games, and in fact the belief that ALL games should be 3D.  This is the same evolution that we saw with PC and “consoles” (Xbox and Playstation as an example).  There aren’t very many 2D games out for PCs or the consoles anymore and very soon we’ll see this same thing happening for mobile devices as well.

You need to be thinking about how you can make your game APPEAR 3D even if it actually isn’t.  Think guitar hero as an example of this.  That’s actually a 2D game.  Another one is a guitar hero like game called Kolos Journey.  It has a 3D character but it’s really a 2D game.

Like I’ve said before, when it comes to apps, your graphics matter A LOT.  The graphic of the game icon (make this 3D appearing), your screen shots, and the graphics of the app itself all matter to getting a lot of downloads

Even doing little things like having 3D characters in your basically 2D game can help enormously.

This is so important, that games that are strictly 2d will start to go away, even the hugely popular games like Doodle Jump will be replaced by games like Jump Pack (watch that video and tell me that doesn’t look WAY cooler than Doodle Jump) that have the same basic idea … only it looks 3d instead of 2.

This Goes For All Apps, Not Just Games

And to be clear, all mobile apps will get downloaded more and be found more enjoyable if they have 3D elements.  Apps should no longer be purely 2D with preciously few exceptions.

In fact, this is an area where you can do some really interesting things.

For creating game app ideas, why not look to apps that already exist and simply make cooler looking 3D versions of them (as Jump Pack did with it’s Doodle Jump style game).

When you do that AND you start throwing in the ideas from the App Developers Toolbox, you can take literally any game on the market right now, make it much better, and absolutely make a killing.

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