The Simple Secret To More Downloads

This is probably the easiest way to getting more downloads of your apps...

In the world of “internet marketing” … or should I say the “internet marketing how-to space” people do something called “joint ventures” all the time.  They are talked about endlessly.

In many other markets however, they are almost never done.  In fact, when it comes to App Developers, this golden opportunity is missed unless its someone like Trey Smith who has a background in the internet marketing how-to space thanks to his cousin Frank Kern.

How many more downloads of your apps do you think you can get if you and five or ten other developers all agreed to cross-promote each others stuff?  How much more money do you think you could make from a 5 or 6 times increase in the number of downloads?

What I’m talking about here is a simple joint-venture arrangement where you agree to promote someone else’s apps in exchange for them promoting yours.

This doesn’t have to be a complicated arrangement.  Start contacting other developers and start building relationships.  That’s where joint ventures begin.  Attend meet ups of app developers ( is a great place to start) and get on a first name basis.  Go to mobile conference and meet developers that way.

I promise you this: if you meet, and make friends with, at least a dozen app developers that have at least one reasonably successful title, you’ll make MUCH more this year.  So start building those relationships, start making friends, start creating those joint venture partnerships.


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