What The B.S. Sellers of App “Success” Junk Won’t Tell You

The Incredible Truth No One Is Telling You

Here’s the deal, lets say that you follow all of the advice from the App Developers Toolbox (you have gotten that haven’t you? If not, Click Here Now to get it). Then lets also say that you follow all of the additional advice that I give here on the blog.

The overwhelming likelihood is that your first three or four apps will NOT succeed. It’s possible that it will. It’s possible that you’ll create some fantastic viral hit … but it isn’t likely.

The reason for that is simple. As you create an app, and it gets downloads, you’re also creating something called an “app network.”

That’s basically all of the people that have downloaded your app. Having something like that (assuming you’re following the advice from the Toolbox and this blog) means that each subsequent app you create is easier to get more downloads because you can use things like “in app messaging” and “push messaging” to get the word out about your app.

Each app that you create makes each subsequent app that much more likely to be successful.

What I’m saying is that this app development game is NOT a path to quick riches. You can make A TON of money (possibly) if you follow some basic sound marketing advice (which you’ll find on the blog and in the Toolbox, hint, hint). However, let me explain what’s PROBABLY going to happen.

First, you create your first app, and by following the advice on the blog and in The Toolbox you get perhaps 10,000 downloads the first month the app is out. At one time, that would have been enough to catapult you to success, it plain and simply isn’t anymore.

You release another app, and fueled by the 10,000 people you have “on tap” because of the app network you’re now building, you get perhaps 15,000 downloads the first month that app is out, followed by 10,000 more downloads of your first app.

Your third app, with an app network now numbering 35,000 people, gets 20,000 downloads its first month. Your next app gets 30,000 … the one after that 50,000.

Do you see where this is going?

When it comes to creating apps, you want your first apps to act like a foundation that pushes subsequent apps upward. Each app afterward therefore has the ability to be more and more successful.

If you’re hoping to make even just thousands of dollars your first month doing this, you’re missing the big picture.

Once you’ve released a fair number of apps, and you’ve built up a huge app network of people that have downloaded your apps, THAT’S when the big money can start rolling in (assuming you’re monetizing your apps correctly), and here’s the crazy part about this; it grows geometrically!

Don’t Be The Angry Birds Idiots

I’m going to call out one of the most successful app companies out there, and for a reason. These guys aren’t too bright. For a company apparently headed by some smart people, they’re basically being stupid.

Rovio (the company that makes angry birds) has a grand total of just 4 games … all of them angry birds.

I understand that this is an enormously popular game, I get that, I really do.

But why not take their MASSIVE base of downloaders and funnel them to other games. Some people don’t care for angry birds much (like me). How difficult would it really be to create other games in other areas and get EVEN MORE people they can advertise to and make money from? The answer is … it would be simple.

Instead these guys are constantly banging their heads against the wall trying to keep a single game alive.

Here’s what I’m getting at. Real, long term success in this space comes from creating multiple apps and using that to fuel more success. In the App Developer Toolbox I show you exactly how you can have an ENDLESS stream of ideas for new apps.

Get The Toolbox
Click Here Now to get the app developers toolbox where you’ll get the secrets to getting more downloads and making more money with your apps.


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